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We serve all kind of legal/civil case related documents like summon, complaints, petitions, commercial documents, judicial documents on civil or legal matters and any other litigation supports. We have been conducting Service of Process in India from past few years and have complete expertise in it. It is accepted by all that process service is one such activity which one can demand while continue in business or having personal commitments.

It is difficult to neglect the enhance use of process services in India for an undisputed life. We follow latest trends and innovative practices to serve the judicial documents of individuals/companies to defendants through effective process service in India. Service of Process in India is what we are known for in India, as we offer the best possible service at most affordable rates.

Our Indian Process Servers Serves following docments on your behalf:

  • Serving Subpoena, Petitions, Summons, Complaints & Writs
  • Bankruptcy or Winding up petitions
  • Litigation, Issuing & Filling at the Court in India
  • Serving Other Judicial Papers in Civil and Business matter in India
  • Injunction / Freezing Orders
  • Suspended Committal Orders
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Notice Seeking Possession & Possession Orders
  • Personal Process Service
  • Serving Child Support Custody
  • Serving Divorce Papers in India
  • Serving Family, Marriage and Kid Related Documents

Family Documents in Family Courts: The family document mainly consists of divorce papers and child custody documents which are effectively served by our process servers in the federal magistrate’s court for getting the solution of numerous family issues.

Personal Process Service in India: The personal process service includes numerous legal Summons, Petitions, Notices, Subpoena, Applications, and complaints etc. which are usually served for meeting the personal process services requirements of people.

International Process Service in India: The International process service document comprises of various kinds of divorce papers, business complaints, claims, Subpoenas, injunctions which are widely served to provide the effective legal solution of majority of business needs.

Affidavit of Service/Notary Public Service: This is the proof of process service affirmed by the Court Registrar and offered by the services provider after the successful completion of service. The notary public service costs more than affidavits.

Our Process servers in India are committed for serving documents in India which makes them to serve all kinds of judicial documents and legal papers on the civil or legal matters to a desired person well within the pre fixed time. Our process servers offer cost effective process services in India with superior time management by ensuring the success in services by serving wide variety of documents on a right person in India.

Serving Legal Papers is what we do best, as we have the widest network of process servers in India. Serving documents and legal papers in India will be an ease with us as we serve papers in major cities like Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bikaner, Chandigarh, Chennai, Gandhi Nagar, Ghaziabad, Goa, Gurgaon, Gwalior, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jammu, Kanpur, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi, Noida, Patna, Pune, Salem, Srinagar, Surat, Thane, Thiruvananthapuram, Udaipur, Vadodara and Vishakhapatnam.

To know more about India Process Server or if you want to know how Serving Papers in India works, kindly write to us at [email protected].

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