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The term ‘IP Acquisition’ actually includes purchasing a brand/Trademark/Patent/Copyright that could become the foundation development and further growth of an existing brand or trademark. We basically provide discreet and anonymous IP acquisition service in India to secure domain names, trademarks or other Intellectual Property assets. We use our network of IP investigators who on behalf of our clients conduct the research on the parties and the rights they have on the trademarks or other intangible assets. They proceed as potential IP applicants and further conduct a good deal with the seller without disclosing the exact purpose or the end client’s identity.

As, sale/purchase of Trademark/IP assets, Web Domain Name's, Company names is a common practice these days. Though this is common but only a handful of companies or consultants or third parties know the exact process and complexities of purchasing such assets. GREVESGROUP® provides discreet and anonymous Intellectual Property acquisition service in India to secure IP assets already held by others. IP valuation in mergers and acquisitions is very important and that’s why we use our best negotiators to crack the deals for our clients.

Our team conducts complete research on the IP asset before conducting the purchase. The research process includes; Identification of IP asset, Verification of the owner, Check possible IP infringements, terms and territory checks etc. Once the IP assets are purchased, the rights are transferred to the client. We always recommend all our clients or representative attorneys to not directly indulge in the purchase of these intangible assets due to the above reasons.

We assist Brand Owners and IP Attorneys/Law Firms to purchase desired IP asset for their company without their involvement in the process and maintaining the anonymity. We have also assisted our clients with Web domain purchases at pretty affordable rates keeping the clients identity hidden. We make sure that the brand owners/white collar executives are either in disguise or completely off the deal so that the seller does not demand a higher price knowing the status of original buyers.

Our professional team of IP acquisition consultants continuously assists our clients with such purchases of Intellectual Property rights and other intangible assets. Our result oriented approach combined with the backing of our Research division, helps our clients in many ways. We handle the process from beginning to the end and make sure of the best in class service is provided. We can assist with the purchases of the following intangible assets:

  • Trademark/other IP Asset Purchases
  • Domain Name Purchases
  • Company Name Purchases

We are always available at your disposal with our intellectual property acquisition services to take over the marks. Our process involves:

  • Research on the registrant
  • Discreet approach
  • Negotiate to further take over the asset
  • Transferring funds securely
  • Finalizing the purchasing deal and completion of documentation

We usually complete the transaction by using best possible methods to ensure security on each side; however these transactions can be done via personally meeting with the sellers and paying them normally in the form of a banker’s draft.

We assure high standard of IP investigation services in India and make sure that you become the rightful owner of the IP asset. We continuously strive to help our clients and our aim is to provide a consistently high standard of service at competitive compensations ensuring value for money. We always aim to work closely with our clients and provide a service that meets their requirements.

To obtain comprehensive information related to IP assets Acquisition services in India you may contact us at [email protected].

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